The reservations module is where you can manage your reservations and make necessary changes.

It is a split-screen where you can see the details of a reservation on the right side, and on the left side, you find options to update those details, or to complete certain actions.

The reservations module is separated into tabs.

On the right of the top bar, there are features that allow you to:

  • Lock or unlock the selected reservations, which ensures no one can edit or move the reservation to a different room.
  • Select or unselect all the bookings.
  • Open or close the selected bookings.
  • Add another reservation to the booking.
  • Access the help page for more detailed information on the reservations module.

Below these features, there are the reservation details. You can:

  • Select a reservation
  • Go to the guest profile
  • Go to the billing screen
  • Go to the timeline where the reservation is
  • Lock or unlock the reservation
  • See all details from the reservation

On the left side, there are 9 tabs where you are able to modify the reservation.


-Print registration cards

-Check guest's balance

-Move spaces and check in the reservation

-Cancel the reservation, undo check-in and check out

-Create tasks


-Modify the information you have entered when the reservation was created


-Merge group

-Rooming list

-Add clients to the reservation


-Change rate or modify the price of the reservation


-Add manual deposits

-Add or cancel a product


-Resend emails to customer or booker

Action Log

-View actions performed by users


-Print or view the list of nights and spaces per selected reservations


-New billing screen section

Before you edit a reservation it is important to ensure the correct reservation is selected.

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