From New Reservation screen

Create a new booking as you would normally.

Once you want to add more bookings for different dates, click on Dates at the top of the page.

Continue creating the reservation and add rooms by increasing the requested amount of rooms next to the requested rooms.

You can repeat the step as needed.

When you have created the reservations you needed, click on Next.

Complete the fields in the summary page, and click on Book now.

From a reservation

Within the ‘Status’ tab in the reservations module, on the right-hand side of the screen, we can see the reservation entries. One of the reservations we created is selected and the relevant information is displayed on the left of the screen as well.

You can close or open the reservation details by clicking on the header of the reservations.

If you untick the reservation and select another reservation, the screen on the left will update.

Each reservation has its own confirmation number along with the different reservation details. The group name however stays the same, as all reservations were made at the same time.

Click on the +Reservation icon on the top right of the reservations module.

If you want to add a room on the same date as previous reservations, select one of the reservations for the same date and click on the + button, the system will take you directly to the availability tab of the new reservation screen with the dates pre-populated.

If you want to make a reservation on different dates, untick all reservations and click on the + button, the system will take you to the dates tab of the new reservation screen.

Select the new dates, enter the name of the guest, and select the room and rate and click on next. On the summary page, the group field is now populated with the group name. You can update any field as required.

Click on Book Now, and we can now see this additional reservation against this booking with its unique confirmation number

Before you provide the confirmation numbers to the customer, ensure you have taken the credit card details to guarantee all bookings.

This is all that is required to create multiple reservations either for the same date and product or for different dates and products as well.

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