To avoid posting deposits manually and to gain more time for the reservations team, Mews Operations has an automatic deposit feature. The automatic deposit feature can only be used if you use our Merchant gateway.

Go to Menu > Settings > Services > Bookable services > Choose respective service (e.g. Stay) > Rate groups

The automatic deposit feature needs to be activated within each rate group category.

Scroll down to the Options field and tick Automatic deposit settlement. Save the changes.

You can test it by creating a Distributor reservation in your demo environment.

Head to Menu > Settings > Services > Bookable services > Choose respective service (e.g. Stay) > Distributor configuration > Specific configuration > Preview

Select dates further into the future and continue with the booking. Make sure to select one of the rates that belong to the rate group where the feature is enabled.

Enter the guest's information as well as a test credit card.

  • 4111 1111 1111 1111

  • 10/20

  • 737

Note: it may take a couple of minutes to process the payment in Mews. Make sure to refresh too.

Head to the billing screen of the created reservation; under Unpaid Items/ Deposits, click on the details of the future stay and you will be able to see that the nights and the deposit have been posted under the expanded items. All of these items should be closed at check-out time.

On the guest dashboard, there will be a closed bill. The deposit transaction and a credit card payment have been automatically processed.

This deposit functionality allows you to report and pay VAT at the time of payment instead of the time of consumption.

To learn what deposits are and how they work, please read our guide About Deposits.

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