In case you wish to provide a gift voucher for a future stay, then follow the steps below:

To be able to handle gift vouchers in Mews you need to:

  • Create a service for the specific gift voucher

  • Create a customer profile for the vouchers (paymaster profile)

To create the service:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Services.

  2. Click on the [+] button and select Additional service.

  3. Enter the requested information:

    • Name. E.g. Gift Voucher.

    • Short name

    • Description

    • Enter the price

    • Select the correct VAT

    • In the options select the applicable ones. Has overridable price must be ticked

    • Select the accounting category fields.

      • When setting them up, ask the finance team what VAT you should put, as this can vary for each country. We highly recommend setting up a specific accounting category for Gift Vouchers in order to track your revenue!

  4. After creating the service, go to Products and add two products within your newly created Service.

    • You can call them for example ‘’GV purchase’’ and ‘’GV redemption’’ but it is completely up to you.

We have now created the Service and can now create a paymaster for the voucher. The profile can be called for example Gift Voucher 2021.

Once you sell a Gift Voucher, you will post both of the products (‘’GV purchase’’ and ‘’GV redemption’’) with the same amount, but one in positive (GV purchase) and one in negative (GV redemption).

Note: Always put the number of the GV in the notes, as this is important for your tracking.

Take payment from the client on the positive service and close the bill. You can give them a paper voucher or email voucher with the same GV number as you have entered in your service for the gift recipient to use.

The negative service (GV redemption) will be left on the paymaster until a guest wants to redeem the voucher.

Once the guest books a stay and redeems the voucher, you will move the GV redemption product to the guest's billing.

Note: Make sure that once the new reservation is done, you choose a rate that does not have automatic settlement set up. Otherwise the guest will be charged for his stay if he enters the credit card details via Navigator.

At the check-out date, close the stay nights with the GV redemption product.

If the guest consumed more products or the rate was more expensive than the voucher, close the remaining balance with a payment.

If you offer gift vouchers for several services on your property, you could create a paymaster voucher profile for each type of service to ease the process.

This is how we handle gift vouchers in Mews.

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