There are different ways to find a guest and check them out.

  • Departure Donut
    The departure donut represents all departures for today broken down by those that have already departed and the remaining departures.

  • Reservation overview
    Click on the Departures tab to see your remaining departures.

  • Search bar
    You can type in the guest’s name, room number, or confirmation number on the search bar and go to their reservation.

  • Timeline
    Find their reservation on the timeline.

Using the first option, click on the donut and you will be taken into the Check-out Report. All reservations available to check-out immediately will display at the top of the page, and all the reservations not available for check-out will display at the bottom of the screen. These reservations are not available to check-out as their final balance has not been settled yet.

The reservations that are ready to be checked-out have a 0 balance and can be checked-out straight away.

To check-out a reservation with an open balance, go to their reservation and navigate to the billing screen. Settle their balance by making a payment and close the bill.

Once the reservation is settled and the bill closed, navigate to the State tab and check-out the guest.

If the balance is 0 but the bill is still open, you can check-out the reservation and tick Close balanced bill.

Note: if any items have not been allocated to a bill during check-in, the system is not able to close those items, because it does not know which bill of the guest to move the items to before it closes.

If you use the reservation overview to check-out the guest, click on the "Check out" button to navigate to the State tab where you will continue with the process as mentioned above.

By finding the reservation on the timeline, you can click on it and then click the "Check out" button; this will take you to the State tab.

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