There are three ways to move a guest from one room to another.

1. From the Status tab

  • Under Spaces, click on the room number and then click the drop-down arrow

  • Select the new room number you would like to give to the customer

The current room number assigned is displayed in blue, and the status of each room within the requested category is also visible.

2. From the Properties tab

Scroll down and under the Space category section, click the drop-down arrow to change the category. Please note that the system will allocate any available space within the selected category.

3. From the timeline

Find the guest’s reservation by either finding it directly on the screen or by searching for their room number.

Click on the reservation to open up the reservation overview on the right-hand side of the screen, which provides you details of the reservation before you decide to move it to a different room.

To move this reservation to a different room number, click on the reservation and drag and drop it to the desired new room. The system will let you move a guest within the same space category or upgrade them to a higher space category.

Note: the system will not allow you to downgrade a guest from the timeline. In order to do this, you must use the second option; you will need to move the reservation to another category from the Properties tab.

Find more information on upgrades and downgrades in our guide "Room categories ordering."

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the reservation details of the guest with the new room number and a symbol stating that the guest has been upgraded. To navigate back to the reservations module, click on Manage.

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