To use Mews Operations app first download it from either Google play or Apple App store, depending on the device you are using.

If you already have the Mews Operations app installed on your mobile device and have Automatic updates switched on, your Mews Operations app will automatically be updated to the latest version.

Log in with your Mews Operations credentials. Ensure the Environment option is set to ‘Production’.


The moment you log in to Mews Operations app, you are taken directly to the Rooms tab where you will see the status of all rooms at your property. You will also be able to see the status of rooms made up of child spaces.

The name of the property you are logged into appears at the top of the page. The refresh icon allows you to receive the latest updates on room statuses.

Use the filter option to narrow down your search. For example, a room attendant that has been assigned the first floor to clean may want to get an update on all departed rooms with dirty status.

or may want to view rooms that are stay-overs from previous nights to clean them accordingly.

A head housekeeper may want to see all departed spaces that have just been cleaned so she can go and inspect them.

To change the status of a room, there are 2 options: you can click on a space and on the new screen update the status, and in the case of putting a room OOS, enter a reason and click on Save. The second option is to just swipe on the room you want to update and select the new status of the room.


On the messages tab, you can access both customers and internal messages.

The customer's tab allows you to read and reply to the guest’s messages.

Note: Only users with the Receive customer messages attribute enabled will be able to respond to guest’s messages.

New unread messages will display with a blue dot on the left of the name. If a message remains unread you will be notified on the app.

To respond to a message, click on the message and type your message at the bottom of the screen and send it

To view the reservations linked to the message, use the desktop app.


The tasks tab allows you to create and manage tasks at the property. New tasks can be added by clicking on the [+] icon. You can view the tasks that have been Missed, those for Today and All Tasks. You can also filter the tasks by status, department, dates, and date types.

To update a task just click on it and update the details. To mark a task as complete click on Save and Resolve.

Any tasks that are added or resolved through the device will be updated on the Dashboard in Mews Operations.


Finally the profile tab allows you to switch between the properties you want to work with, if you have access to more than one property, by clicking on change workspace option. From this tab you can also sign out of Mews Operations app.

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