From the Online Guest Services, guests have the option to communicate directly in real-time with you via instant message.

They need to click on the Chat with us link in the reservation overview and send their message.

The message will instantly appear in the messaging center in Mews Operations in the upper right corner (mail icon), and by default, the subject name is the guest's name and surname and confirmation number.

When you click on the message you can immediately respond to the guest.

An email reminder will be sent to the guest for any unread messages after 5 minutes, and they can respond directly to the property from the email link.

At the moment, only the guest can start a new message thread.

Guests can also access the Chat with us link directly from their email confirmation. Ensure the relevant placeholder has been incorporated into the confirmation email template. Click the button below for more information:

Companions can also send you messages. They will receive an invitation to complete their profile in the Online Guest Services and get access to the Chat with us link.

To get the context of the related reservation just a click away from the messaging window.

You must ensure

  1. All assigned employees reply to all messages.
    The notes field on the reservation can be used by employees, for example, to confirm all actions on related messages have been completed.

  2. As a minimum, one employee within the property must be assigned to receive and reply to the guest’s messages. Navigate to Settings > Employees and ensure checkbox Receive customer messages is ticked

You can find more information about Employees settings here:

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