Navigator is a web app and can be opened on any device - computer, tablet, smartphone. It doesn't require any download.

Navigator is a tool giving guests control over their data.

They can:

  • See what data they share with every property
  • Request its deletion

Guests can access their profiles by clicking on the main menu option or on their name at the top of the screen.

They can update their personal information, identity documents, addresses, and can view the data that is being shared with the property.

For GDPR reasons the guest can request to see all the information the property has of the them or they can request to delete their data.

If a guest requests from a property to see what data they have, an email will be sent to the property's general email address. According to the regulation, there is 30-day period in which the property needs to provide the information to the guest.

If a guest requests data deletion, the property needs to delete all personal information they have stored in any software or printed in reports.

See below how you can remove the data from the profile in Mews.

Last but not least under settings the guests can:

  • Change their navigator account password
  • Setup their notifications
  • Delete their account altogether.

Want to learn more about GDPR? 🤓

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