On the day of check-in, your guests can see a summary of their reservation directly on the lock screen of their mobile devices.

The guest will see

  • the property’s address

  • check-in time

  • the QR code for check-in via Mews Operator kiosk

Note: Apple Wallet is only available on iPhone and Apple Watch users.

If the guest has notifications enabled, they will get the check-in notification 2 hours before the property's check-in time, which depends on the property’s timezone.

For your guests to add their reservation to the wallet, properties need to ensure they add the (AddtoApplewalletLink) placeholder to the Confirmation email template.

For detailed information on setting up email templates please click on the button below:

Once the guest receives the confirmation email, they can add the reservation to the wallet by clicking on the ‘add to apple wallet’ link.

Then they tap the ‘Add’ button on the top of the screen.

Next, the guest opens their wallet app, and their reservation will appear, with the name and address of the property, the check-in times, and the QR code.

The guest can then click on Options to access more details of their reservation, find the property's location, and contact details.

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