Online check-out allows guests to choose their own time and manner of departure, and to independently set departure time, which saves time for the Front Office and leads to more early check-in upsell opportunities.

Guest benefits:

  • freedom of choice, full control of their stay

  • hassle-free checkout from the comfort of their room, great for people leaving early

  • skipping the bureaucracy at the reception

  • absolutely contact-free

Property benefits:

  • reduce the number of check-outs the reception deals with manually by 15% to 50%

  • know exactly when the guest left the property without manual effort

  • efficient housekeeping operations → more early check-ins and upsell opportunities

  • compliance with contact-free requirements

Online check-out allows your guests to:

  • Set the departure time in their cell phone

  • Settle the outstanding balance in the comfort of their room

  • Update their billing details (and receive the bill via email)

  • Claim minibar items (if applicable)

You can find more information on how to set up online check-out here:

The Guest’s Journey

The day before checkout, the guest will receive an email inviting them to checkout. It will take them to Mews.

  • If the guest has items on their bill they can review their bill and pay for the remaining balance

  • If the property offers minibar service in the rooms and they have configured their minibar service accordingly

  • The guest would confirm if they have consumed any items

  • In the case, the guest confirms they consumed items from the minibar, a message indicating they must complete their checkout at the reception will appear

  • If the guest clicks on "No" they will see their payment details to settle their bill and they can add another card if necessary

  • A summary of their bill will then appear including their billing address and credit card details. These details can be changed by the guest if needed

    Note: If a guest changes their billing details and adds for example a company billing address, this billing address will be presented on the bill and his personal address will not be overridden in the system.

  • The guest clicks on Pay now, they are notified they will receive a copy of the bill via email, and they can continue with the online checkout process (click on checkout online)

  • The guest confirms which rooms they are checking out from, and the departure time.
    - Group bookings: the reservation owner will be checking out all rooms listed under them.
    Note: It is currently not possible to select a specific room to checkout.

  • The final screen confirms their checkout and a message about where to leave the room keys. This message can be modified by the property, click on the button below for more information

Online check-out is only available for

  • Non-corporate bookings

  • Reservations from

  • HostelWorld

  • Direct reservations

Guests that are not eligible for online check-out will not receive the online check-out email and will not have the option to check out online.

Note: Bookings with VCC payments:

  • VCC is already charged: the guest will see the previous payment on the bill and they will be charged only for the remaining balance.

  • VCC is not charged by the time the guest is attempting to check out and pay, the guest will be requested to pay the full amount.

On the departure date and once the guest completes their online checkout, their reservation in Mews will appear as ‘checked-out online’.

However, the behavior of the system following this will vary depending on whether the property has enabled automatic check-out (for online check-outs) or not.

If the property has enabled online check-out and automatic check-out (for online check-outs), the guest will automatically be checked out from the system at their chosen departure time and the status of their reservation will change to checked-out.

Housekeeping will be able to see the new status of the room in the Mews.

If only Enable online check-out is ticked, the guest will not be automatically checked out from the system.

Reception is required to check the guest out, and only then will Housekeeping see the status of the room as checked-out.

With this setting, Reception could check out guests by either:

  • Accessing the Check-out Report to view all online check-outs and perform a bulk check-out if needed.

  • Access the Reservations overview screen, which will display a green checked-out online icon indicating the reservation that has checked out online. By clicking on the check-out button the user will be taken to the reservations module and can check out the guest.

With either setting, once guests are checked out completely from the system they will appear in the completed departures section.

The Statistics Tab will display the number of online check-outs in brackets.

The online check-out journey of your guest, and the related tasks your property needs to complete will be dependent on the settings you select.

Properties may still want to have control over the status of their Guests in house. However, we highly recommend properties use the automatic check-out for online check-outs setting to benefit from all of its features and have more time to concentrate on other areas that are important to your guests.

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