Mews Analytics is a Microsoft Power BI tool that’s embedded into the PMS. It consolidates data from all your properties for a chain-level overview, but you can also refine the results to get insights on a specific property within your chain. We used Power BI to build and display these reports, but your data is managed by and sits with us (this is not a 3rd party solution).

To access Mews Analytics, you need:

  • An Enterprise subscription to Mews (or purchase Analytics as an add-on).

  • The Sensitive reports access privilege enabled in your employee profile (or to be an admin).

The reports

Mews Analytics is broken down and grouped into multiple reports. Data is loaded into the reports every 4 hours, and is usually between 4-8 hours old.

Manager Analytics

Manager analytics is your home of revenue, occupancy, ADR, and RevPar; get insights into key statistics at-a-glance.

Financial Analytics

Financial analytics has all the info you need about your revenue, payments, and accounting.

Ledger Analytics

Use Ledger Analytics to compare your revenue and payments.

Outlet Analytics

Use Outlet analytics to keep up-to-date with the performance of your outlets.

Pickup Analytics

Pickup analytics shows the difference between the date a reservation is created and the date it's consumed, split across multiple tabs by time period.

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