The Financial Analytics report gives you an overview of your financial data and performance. Access chain-wide statistics on invoices, transactions, accounting, and ledgers.

Open invoices

A list of unpaid invoices, ordered by age relative to expiry date (for example, 0-30 days since the invoice was due to be paid).

  • Click Open invoices per customer to see all of your open invoices, grouped by customer and listed with the number of days past the expiry date the invoices are. There's also a bar chart; each bar represents the value of unpaid invoices in that expiry period (for example, 0-30 days since the invoice was due).

  • Click Bills and invoices to see a list of unpaid invoices and their corresponding bills.

Credit card transactions

A list of all your card transactions.

Credit card state

The Credit card state sheet contains a bar graph showing the state of credit card payments for preauthorizations within the selected time range; underneath is a table listing your card payments. Click a bar to refine the table below (for example, if you click the "Charged" bar, the table below will only list charged card payments).

Accounting type and services

Your revenue represented in a bar chart split between additional revenue, services, and products, with a full list of revenue items underneath. You can also see revenue divided per service.

Accounting report

A list of your revenue, transactions, outlets, and payments, grouped by either Service name or Accounting category (control which view you have by clicking on the tabs).

VAT rate

A list of revenue and its corresponding tax rate, grouped by accounting category or item type.


A full list of your cancellations that have non-canceled order items on them, ordered by date.

Trial balance and Guest ledger

We moved your Trial balance sheet and your Guest ledger sheet to their own analytics section with extra in-depth ledger info—learn more about ledger analytics.

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