The Manager Analytics report gives you an overview of your operational data and performance. The key metrics that this report focuses on are:

  • Revenue

  • Occupancy

  • ADR

  • RevPar


The Dashboard gives you vital info about your revenue, RevPar, ADR, and Occupancy. Click between the infoboxes for each of these metrics at the top of the sheet to show detailed info about each.

You can also access two in-depth sheets which expand on your Dashboard information:

  • Click Dashboard details for graphs showing your revenue and cancellation stats.

  • Click YoY Comparison to see YTD stats about your hotel compared with the same time period last year. Use the little black arrows to compare at-a-glance whether you're doing better or worse than last year. From here, you can also click YoY details for another, more detailed view on these four metrics compared month-by-month instead of year-by-year; perfect if you need to check monthly results instead of annual.

💡Useful for

A general understanding of your property's operations at-a-glance.


The Daily tab shows your property's essential stats (like ADR, revenue, and occupancy) day-by-day, with a chart tracking your occupancy for the month, and your revenue is broken down by space category, rate, and travel agency.

You can also access more in-depth booking information from here:

  • Click Booking details to see a detailed list of reservations that were checked in within the selected date range.

  • Click Blockings to see a list of blocked spaces, with detailed information about why each space is blocked.

💡 Useful for

Setting and tracking monthly targets.


The Marketing tab gives you a breakdown of guests' personal info, so you can be confident that your marketing campaigns are fully equipped. Check out the map for a visual representation of your guests' origins!

💡 Useful for

Creating well-informed marketing campaigns.

Getting a better understanding of your guests.


The Bookings sheet shows reservations by their date of consumption, sorted into Travel agencies, Companies, or Groups. When you switch between the Travel agency, Company, and Groups tabs, the data itself stays the same but is grouped by segment.

💡 Useful for

Seeing how many bookings specific travel agencies or companies are bringing you.

Keep up-to-date with the quality of your corporate partners.

Booking window

The Booking Window sheet shows information about the lead time (the time between the creation of a reservation and its check-in). The bar chart shows the split of lead time across categories based on the number of days between booking and staying; it also breaks each category into origins. The tables show lead time per travel agency and lead time for individual reservations.

💡 Useful for

Checking how many more reservations you need to pick up for time periods in the future.
Understanding how far in advance your guests are typically booking.

Pickup evolution

We moved your Pickup evolution sheet to its own analytics section with extra in-depth pick-up info—learn more about pickup analytics.

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