Sometimes a rebate is automatically posted as a new item on a bill—this can happen when a client creates multiple bookings then cancels one of them, or when check-out is undone and days/nights are canceled. To balance and close the bill, you'll need:

  • A service for your accommodation.

  • A product called "Cancellation fee".

Make sure your accommodation service has Has overridable price selected under Options, so you can match the price of night rebates when you balance them.

  1. Open the bill you need to balance.

  2. Click + Bill item > Cancellation fee.

  3. Under Amount, enter the price of the night rebate, but opposite (for example, if the rebate is 100 EUR, you should enter -100 EUR). This is to cancel out the price of the night rebate.

  4. Click Create.

  5. Click → All to balance out the night rebate. The bill is balanced, and you can close it as normal.

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