It is possible to restrict the purchase of certain services offered by your property by combining the use of vouchers, restrictions, and product rules. This allows you to sell specific packages only to certain customers.

  1. Go ahead and create a Private rate

  2. You will then need to add a product and a product rule to the created rate

  3. Set up a voucher with the previously created private rate

  4. In your booking engine settings (Distributor configurations), you can add the possibility to use voucher codes

If you create multiple booking engines, you can allow only certain Travel agencies or VIP guests to have access to different booking engines.

Note: It is important to not tick the "Offer to Customer" option in the product options to disallow Guests to cancel the product order. Your staff will still be able to cancel the order if the "Offer to employee" option is ticked.

Please note that your clients can use the voucher on all of your booking engines.

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