New users

Employees automatically gain access to Mews University when their Mews PMS profiles are created. Department managers should create Mews profiles for:

  • Existing employees, during your Mews implementation
  • Any new employees after implementation

Managers: Create new logins

For each employee in a department, the department manager should:

1. Create their employee profile in Mews.

  • Under Mews University learning paths, choose the learning path(s) that correspond most closely with their role.

Learning path



Anyone who performs financial operations and/or works daily with financial reports.

Front office

Receptionists, front office supervisors, and managers.


Anyone who performs housekeeping or maintenance.

Property administration

Senior management or employees involved in setting up the PMS.

Revenue management

Anyone who sets up rates and restrictions; works with relevant reports; or performs other revenue management duties.

2. When their Mews PMS profile is created, their Mews University profile will be created automatically.

Note: You can only assign an employee to a Mews University learning path if you’re their superior and you have the Create and manage employees workplace privilege selected on your profile.

Employees: Update Mews University account

After an employee’s Mews University login is created, they will receive an email with a temporary password and link to the University page to login. After logging in, we advise to change the password with something more secure.

Existing users

Managers: Add a Mews University learning path

If you’ve already created an employee’s profile and given them access to a Mews University learning path, you can give them access to additional learning paths later.

1. Go to Main menu > Settings > Employees.

2. Click on the employee to update their profile.

3. Under Mews University learning paths, select any of the learning paths.

4. Click Save.

  • The employee will automatically be granted access. They can log in to Mews University and immediately start the course.

Managers: Remove a Mews University learning path

If an employee has access to a learning path and you want to remove the access, you have to it from within Mews University.

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