When you want to switch from one channel manager to another, it's best you don't deactivate the old one first. As this could cause overbookings, reservations at incorrect rates or the booking might not even enter in Mews. Before you deactivate the old channel manager, make sure all OTA's are connected to your new channel manager.

Here we will quickly go through setting up a channel manager solely for the purpose of changing your channel manager to a new one. If you need more information on setting up a channel manager you can read this article:

To switch, first go to the Marketplace and look for your new channel manager under the 'Distribution' section:

Click on "See more" underneath your new channel manager. A pop up will open and you can now click "Connect".

You will receive confirmation that the connection is established and that we have informed the channel manager of this.

If your channel manager requires the Mews token for the connection, you can find it in the Marketplace, My Subscriptions, and click on settings of this channel manager. The connection token will be hard-coded displayed in grey under Channel manager ID.

If this field is blank, then you will receive the token from the channel manager which needs to be inserted there.

Once the connection is confirmed by the channel manager, you can start the mapping of your rates, categories, products, and companies.
When this is done, you need to go to the general settings of the channel manager in the Mews Marketplace. Check if the enabled operations you need are selected and save if you make changes.

  • Change notification - Mews notifies the channel manager when changes are made to the mapping.

  • Receive reservations - Allows channel managers to send Mews reservations and have them created in the system.

  • Download mappings - Downloads the channel manager mapping information and a mapping file in the Exports Queue.

  • Download reservations - Mews requests the channel manager for all pending reservations. After processing the reservations, Mews confirms the reservations.

  • Upload availability - Mews can send availability.

  • Upload rates - Mews can send rate prices.

  • Upload restrictions - Mews can send rate restrictions.

Now you need to scroll to the bottom of that page. There you can push inventory for a certain period. Do this and then check if the rates & availability in your new channel manager's extranet are correct.

No errors sent to the notification email? Now you have a working connection with your new channel manager, inform your OTA's of the new channel manager you are using. Your channel manager will be able to help you with this.

Are you sure there is nothing connected to your old channel manager? Then you can go to the Marketplace, My Subscriptions, and go to the settings of your old channel manager. Put the checkbox blank of Enabled and scroll down to click the "Save" button. This will switch off the connection with your old channel manager.

If all was done correctly, under My Subscriptions you should see this:

Congratulations! You have now switched channel managers in Mews.

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