Each user's profile is created via an email address. This is the only field that cannot be changed.

If you wish to change your email address, then a new account must be created. Since there is no information stored on the accounts themselves, this can be done very easily by re-creating the profile at the same management level.

To change your details click in the top right corner and go to Profile

There you will have access to change various information about your profile.

Personal information

  • Email: As previously mentioned, the email cannot be changed and not available to click.

  • First, Last and Second Name: Fields available to change to display your full name, It is important to note that only the first name will be displayed to the guests in the messages; Optional

  • The username can be used to log in to Mews instead of your email; Required

  • Nationality: Dropdown list with the various nationalities; Optional

  • Sex: This field only accepts the same value as in your passport; Optional

  • Birthdate: Optional

  • Birthplace: Optional

  • Telephone: Optional

  • Language: The language in which Mews will appear to this account; Optional

  • Culture (Formatting): The way numbers, commas, and dots are formatted in, for example, big numbers; Optional

Profile image

Select the profile image you would like to represent this account.

Note that this image is visible to guests and other employees. As mentioned in the tooltip we reserve the right to use the image at discretion (as display it to the guests in messaging) and to delete inappropriate pictures.

It is best to select a square picture of higher resolution.


Change your password by entering the old one and writing the new one twice.


Two-factor authentication: Use an authenticator app to secure your account.

Unlock with PIN: create a PIN to unlock your password instead of a password

Face recognition: Use the face recognition to avoid entering PINs or passwords, easy and sensible.

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