Occupancy in Mews is calculated based on several different factors. In simple terms it follows the below calculation:

Occupancy = (Occupied / Spaces) * 100


  • Occupied = Reservations
  • Spaces = Total spaces – Out of order

See Occupancy report for further details on the above items


A space is considered occupied for the night if the duration of the visit exceeds 18:00 for that day.


  • A reservation checking in at 14:00 and leaving again at 18:00 for a day-use, will not be included in the occupancy calculation.
  • If the reservation were to check out at 18:01, then the reservation will be included in the occupancy calculation.

An overbooking will be added to the Occupied count, but also reflected on the Direct and Indirect overbooking statistics accordingly.

Total spaces

The total number of spaces created per space category.

If space categories differ in Type, they may be (de)selected using the filters on the Occupancy report to in- or exclude certain types in the calculation.

Out of order

Spaces placed out of order will be removed from the overall inventory for that given period; thus, lowering the number of spaces in the above calculation.

Note: The end time of the OOO must also be greater than 6 PM to be counted

House use

Occupancy calculations are not affected by house use reservations. A house use will not deduct from inventory, nor will it count towards an occupied space.

Availability adjustment

Manual adjustments made to the Availability will not affect the occupancy calculation.

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