When connecting your channel manager you will have selected what data is to be sent to your channel manager.

Enabled operations in channel manager settings

What data to sync

Selecting any of the Upload availability, Upload rates, or Upload restrictions operations will ensure that Mews and your channel manager are synchronized based on the relevant information in Mews.

The update interval

As a general rule, all updates are sent with an interval of 365 days from today, while the range of this interval may vary depending on your channel manager.

Please see below a list of possible update intervals per Channel manager

Booking.com- 730 days

BusyRooms- 365 days

D-edge-700 days

GlobRes- 365 days

HotelNetSolution - 550 days

HotelPartner - 700 days

HotelRez- 365 days

HotelSpider- 365 days

INNsight- 365 days

Cubilis v2. - 730 days

Cubilis v1.- 365 days

RateTiger- 365 days

RentalsUnited- 365 days

RoomCloud- 365 days

SiteMinder- 750 days

SmartHOTEL- 365 days

STAAH- 550 days

SynXis- 1095 days

TravelClick- 540 days

TravelLine- 365 days

VericalBooking- 365 days

WebHotelier- 700 days

YieldPlanet- 365 days

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