To modify an issued invoice, certain steps will need to be taken and they will vary depending on if Receivable tracking enabled is selected in the options in the Accounting Configuration (for more information on Accounting configuration options please click on the button below ;)

Please note that an example will be used to explain the steps needed to be taken. In this example, the issued invoice is for €121,00 (€100,00 for Accommodation and €21,00 for Parking) when it should only be €100,00 for the Accommodation.

With Receivable tracking enabled:

We begin with the following billing screen, with a receivable invoice payment of €121,00 as an invoice was issued for Accommodation €100,00 and €21,00 for Parking.

The first step will be to rebate the invoice that was issued which can be found in the guest's dashboard. This will bring back all the items of the issued invoice in negative.

Once this rebate has been done, the billing screen will now contain the Receivable invoice payment and the items on the invoice in negative.

The next step will be to issue an invoice with the negative items only. This is done as the Receivable invoice payment should be closed against another Receivable invoice payment. This is very important and the Receivable invoice payment should not be closed against the rebated items.

Here you can see how to move a Receivable invoice on a separate bill preview and issue an invoice for the negative items:

Once the invoice has been issued with the negative items, the billing screen will look like this:

And there are now two Receivable invoice payments that can be closed together. It is necessary to close both Receivable invoice payments together so they are marked as paid. If a Receivable invoice payment is closed against bill items or rebated bill items, it will not be marked as paid and could cause accounting discrepancies.

Now we have effectively canceled the issued invoice and can proceed with amending it so that it only has the Accommodation of €100,00.

For the final step, the invoice issued with the negative items will need to be rebated so that the items appear back on the billing screen in positive.

Now that the items are back in positive in the billing screen, a bill item can be used to cancel out the Parking so that only the Accommodation is left and the correct amount can be invoiced.

Without Receivable tracking enabled:

As without the option enabled, no Receivable invoice payments will be created and appear in the billing screen, we shall begin with the following billing screen:

Upon issuing the invoice, the items will disappear from the billing screen, leaving it empty and an invoice can be found created in the guest's dashboard.

This invoice will need to be rebated which will bring back all the items in negative to the billing screen.

Once the rebate has been done and the items are back in the billing screen in negative, another invoice will need to be issued with the negative items. This is effectively canceling out the previously issued invoice.

This newly issued invoice will need to be rebated as well so that all the items are brought back to the billing screen in positive and amends can be made.

Now that the items are back in the billing screen in positive, bill items can be used to make amends and cancel out the Parking item.

Here you can see that the Parking negative was added to cancel out the wrong item. Then we closed them on a separate bill preview:

Now when you have a correct bill item, the correct Invoice can be issued.

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