You will know if you have an overbooking if your timeline displays a red transparent line on a space:

It takes only a couple steps to find them:

  1. Go to the Reservation report found in the dashboard. Or Menu > Reservations > Reservation Report

  2. Use the following filters:

  • Mode: Detailed

  • Filter: Arrival

  • Start: Today’s Date

  • End: As far into the future as you wish to go.

Note: Mews allows you to book into as far as the future as the guest would like to, granted that you have not put any restrictions in place (Closed to Stay Restrictions)

  • Status: Confirmed

  • Group By: Space

  • Requested Category: Selected the category in whichever this overbooking applies to.

Hint: Overbookings show above the space type 

3. Click OK

Once the report loads, scroll down to the bottom of the report to see all bookings under “None”. These are reservations that have not been assigned a particular space/room.

Using the dates mentioned in these bookings, navigate back to the Timeline, and use the information given to find where these Overbookings are:

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