When you are creating new and exciting emails for your guests, you want to be able to test them and make sure that everything looks perfect, In the end, this is the first point of communication between you and the guest and you want to make a great first impression.

MEWS provides you with great ways on how to personalize your emails, you can check the following link on steps on how to do so.

Once you have completed your customization and pressed save its now time to test your email. This can either be done through the mail queue or through a third party website

Third-party website

  1. Search online for HTML viewer or go to https://htmledit.squarefree.com/

Mail queue

This will depend on which email you have edited and which email you would like to test, for most scenarios we would recommend using a third-party viewer but if you have added special placeholder (more info can be found here) that you want to test then follow the steps below (This will be mainly for Reservation confirmation email)

  1. Open up your Demo property in Commander

  2. Go through creating a new reservation (guide here if you need any help) (make sure you create a customer with an email address, otherwise no email will be sent out).

  3. Once the reservation has been made, Go to the menu on the top left of the page (3 horizontal lines)

  4. Click on "Queues"

  5. Click on "Mail"

  6. In the case you do not see your email there, you can edit the start and end date filter on the right side of the page (in case you made the reservation earlier) and click "Ok"

  7. Once you have found your email, click on the email name on the left side of the screen should be "Reservation Confirmation" (this will open up a page from the right side of your screen)

  8. Go to the top right of the new page and press on the paper icon (when hovering over it you will see the text "Preview") click on that and a new tab will be opened in your browser with the preview of your email.

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