When dealing with Cancellations most of the time you always want to apply them as per your cancellation policy that you have set up. Just click to the below button to see more information about how to set the cancellation policy 😃

I want to apply Cancellation fees

  • Non-refundable bookings will have a cancellation fee, thus, in most cases you want to apply it.

  • Refundable booking will not have a cancellation fee, thus you can still have them.

If you are not sure if you should apply cancellation fees follow your internal processes first as every property has its own rules.

In case you wish to apply them navigate to the reservation screen - status tab - in the cancellation section tick the Apply cancellation fee

I don't want to apply Cancellation fees

If your guest has already paid for his reservation, the bill has been already closed and you have cancelled the booking ( or the guest cancelled the booking themselves), Mews will automatically rebate the original bill, if you wish to refund the guest, click on the button below.

If the guest will cancel the booking through the OTA the cancellation fee would apply as per your set up. Do not cancel reservations manually if they were created through the channel manager, the guest should always cancel the reservation himself. Should you do it manually please amend the changes in your extranet as well.

If you wish to cancel the reservation manually and you do not wish to apply the cancellation fee, then the ''Apply cancellation fee'' box will not be ticked. Just click on the below button for more information about how to cancel a reservation:

The Cancellation fee is applied and I would like to remove it

Go to the Items tab of the reservation details and cancel the Cancellation fee.

If an error pops up that the Editable History window does not allow this operation, It means that you need to extend the editable window and cancel it once done. This action can only be done by the employee with admin rights and there is a guide on how to do it below:

If for any other reason you cannot cancel it from the reservation details, you can balance it out with it's corresponding items (Nights, added items, etc) by clicking on bill item tab in the billing screen.

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