To refund a credit card payment taken via Mews Payments, the Payments tab of the guest's profile will need to be opened.

Once on the Payments tab, successful payments will appear under the Payments title and Mews Payments will have the Charged or Settled badges under the Status column.

To refund the Charged Mews Payments payment, the three dots on the right-hand side will need to be clicked:

which will then allow the refund button to be clicked:

Once this button has been clicked, a new window will appear where the Amount and the Reason will need to be filled in to allow for the refund to be completed.

Check the box "Refund partially" and insert the amount you would like to refund.

Also, don't forget to enter the reason for the refund.

That's it - your partial refund will appear in a Billing screen.

NOTE: Don't forget to balance your bill to zero, by posting a negative revenue eg. "Accommodation discount"

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