All* non-Mews Marketplace integrations (*other than channel managers) are solutions independently built by our Integration partners and connected to Mews using our Mews Connector API, which functions as a data exchange tool.

This means that they are therefore entirely responsible for their operation and maintaining the connection towards Mews, as per their certification.

If you're experiencing an issue with any of your integrations, please follow these steps to ensure the fastest resolution of your issue:

  1. Check any other articles outlining the Mews setup for the integration (POS setup article, revenue management integration article, etc), as the issue could be caused by having an incorrect setup.

  2. Contact integration partner (contact email can be seen when clicking on the integration from Marketplace - My subscriptions (if provided))

  3. If they are unable to resolve the issue due to Mews Connector app issues, please ask the integration partner to contact us ([email protected]), providing us with relevant logs of their HTTP API requests, any returned error messages, Mews IDs, the specific timestamp of when the issue occurred, the property name and all other relevant information regarding the case.

Partner's support email can be found under the integration by heading to Marketplace - My subscriptions

Once all necessary information has been provided, we are then able to locate and advise on the possible issues at hand.

To put it simply, the integration partner requests for information / sends new information, we then process their request and reply accordingly. If the requested information is in Mews, it will be replied via the API (given the request parameters are correct). The same goes the other way: if information is being added incorrectly in Mews, most likely it is due to it being sent incorrectly from the integration partner in the first place. 
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