Standardly the housekeeping interval for cleaning is set to 1 day, meaning that every night we turn the room from "inspected" to "dirty". Some accommodation providers however prefer to set the cleaning interval less regularly, and it is possible to change this in Mews for each Space type (Rooms, Dorms, Suites, etc)

Changing the General Housekeeping Interval

To change the Housekeeping Interval you would need to go to Settings > Services > Stay > Housekeeping interval

Under General Settings, Change the Housekeeping interval to your desired period while the rooms will be considered clean after an employee set them as clean in the system. After that period of time, they will turn dirty or clean depending on your set up of the visit options on the same page in the Options section

Then show up assigned to your housekeepers in the Space status report

Changing the Housekeeping Interval for Specific Space Categories

If you have different cleaning patterns for each Space Category, this is possible to be changed also, simply open the settings of the Space Category (Settings > Services > Stay > Space categories > Housekeeping interval)

Changing the Housekeeping Interval for Specific Reservations

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to change the cleaning interval for a specific reservation, so the best solution here would be to create a task linked to that reservation, informing housekeeping to update the status manually.

Note: if you never want to clean rooms during a guest stay, then set the cleaning interval to a high number (ie. 100), so that it will only turn the room to dirty upon departure.

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