Adding this new employee in the Demo environment

The demo environment does not actually send out any emails. The login will be the employee's email and the password to use will always be sample if the account was created before noon on 10th November 2020 or Sample123 if it was created afterward.

Adding this new employee in the live environment

If the user created has an email address that was already in use anywhere in our system (as a guest, another employee, etc) before, we will NOT send them a welcome email.

If in 10 minutes after creating your new employee's profile they do not receive their welcome email, advise them to go to the login page and use the Reset password link with the email address you used for their profile.

Resetting password for an existing account

If you already had an account in Mews, but somehow you were locked out, follow these steps:

  1. Visit

  2. Select the "reset password" (see above image)

  3. This will trigger an e-mail with the option to reset your password

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