In Mews, there is no need to do a day closure.

We do it automatically! We consider a day to end at midnight; to allow you to post items consumed in the past and it is still possible to check in guests with a date in the past thanks to the Editable History Window we have.

This way you can add items consumed up to 7 days prior.

This saves a huge amount of work load for your Front office team which can then focus on accommodating the in-house guest or the next day arrivals instead.

For Cashier shift closure follow the article below.

We recommend to Schedule report exports for important reports to be sent to you email address automatically for analysis or forecast purposes.

Recommended reports would be:

  • Manager report

  • Reservation overview

  • Reservation report

  • Occupancy report

These are our recommendations only, most of the properties will decide as per their own requirements and operational needs 😁

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