Sometimes you may experience slowness of the system or specific screens. To find out if something is critically wrong with the system, or if it is just your connection, follow these instructions

Mews Status Page

Always first check out Mews Status page, where we will report outages as soon as we discover them. If we find a problem with the system, any further updates will only be communicated via this page to ensure we can update all users at the same time.

Down for everyone, or just for me?

If you are experiencing a complete system outage, always first check this website, which helps you check if the system is down for everyone, or if this is just yourself.

Check your internet speed

Mews is a heavy web-application, but it should have similar performance to other heavy web-applications such as Facebook or LinkedIn, so always check those apps also, to ensure this is not your internet connection. You can also always run an internet speed check on this website

Is it slow for a specific screen, or in general

Sometimes if you are working on a heavy action, such as loading a large group, the system will be slower as we need to load a lot of items in order to display all the details of that group. It is always worth checking if this is the case, or if it is slower across all actions and screens in the system.

Actions that could sometimes result in slowness:

  • Running a report with a huge amount of data, this could sometimes take up to a minute to run, and if the data you are requesting is super heavy, the system may time-out. In this case, we recommend running an export, which will break the job down into smaller pieces in the background.

  • Large groups: when you load a lot of reservations or bills and try to amend them, this is a heavy job for the system. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do on short notice here, except for recommending to keep groups small (which we realize is not ideal). We continuously try to improve this functionality.

If you are experiencing a slowness across the system and this has persisted for at least 20 minutes without any update on our Status Page, then kindly contact us at [email protected] with the subject line "URGENT System Slow", which will prioritize your ticket.

Please include an exported .har file and a screenshot of the developer's tool (F12 screen).

You can find more information on how to download it below

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