The response message:

You are trying to check out a guest from a door which is already vacant or you are trying to add a companion guest into an already vacant room. 

Why this happens:

This can occur especially if you have a hostel setting in the Data JSON field for the key encoder configured in your key cutter integration. When you have included the line "DuplicateKeyAllowed": "True" in the Data JSON, Mews always creates a joiner/duplicate card. When there are no valid cards registered in your door lock software linked to the space for which you are trying to create a key, the door lock software will throw this error.

How to resolve:

  • Check if any of your key encoders configured in the key cutter integration in Mews uses the hostel setting.

If yes:

  • Delete any previously created key in that space,

  • And then try to create a new key for that space, directly in your door lock software

  • Then try to create a key from Mews, and observe whether the same error message occurs (see How to find logs from the Mews Open API app)

If your property is not a hostel, you do not need to have the line "DuplicateKeyAllowed": "True" in your key encoder configuration.

If your property is a hostel, but you have individual bed spaces configured in your door lock software, and you have mapped these spaces in Mews (Key cutter integration > Key cutter mappings), then you do not need the line "DuplicateKeyAllowed": "True".

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