The response message:

Either the check in or check out date and time is invalid. This could be caused by the check in time being in the past or the date and time set in windows is wrong. Read more here:

Why this happens:

Either the arrival or the departure time of the reservation was not accepted by the lock software.

This error can appear when you are trying to create a key for a reservation whose arrival time is too far in the past, according to the settings of your lock software. The reservation arrival time is used as the starting time of validity for the keycard.

It can also happen when you are trying to create a key for a reservation whose departure time is earlier today or in the past. The reservation departure time is used as the expiration date and time of validity for the key card.

If the same error appears multiple times in Device Commands Queue for different spaces, various reservations with different arrival or departure times, and for different encoders, then it could be that the time zone set on your computer running the Mews Open API application is different from the time zone set in your door lock software and/or the computer running the door lock software server application.

Read more about what is sent in a key creation command and how the time zones get converted in How do key cutter integrations work

NOTE: For more specific details on when a key card’s starting time is considered in the past for the particular door lock software used at your property, please contact the lock vendor to learn more.

How to resolve:

First check if the reservation for which you are trying to create a key card has an arrival or departure time in the past.

If the reservation’s arrival or departure time is today or within the lock software’s acceptable time window, yet this error continues to occur, check and ensure that the following have the same time zones:

  • Computer where the Mews Open API application is installed

  • Computer where the lock software server application is installed (if it is different from the computer above)

  • The lock software/management system itself

If the issue persists across different reservations, and the time zones are aligned across all systems and machines, then Mews recommends contacting your door lock software provider for further assistance.

Hint: for time conversion issues like these, it can be helpful to compare the key creation messages logged inside your door lock software against what is sent from Mews Open API.

Ask your lock vendor to help you retrieve system or event logs.

Read more about the Mews Open API application and how to retrieve logs

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