The response message:

The encoder that you have entered in the Mews key cutter settings does not exist in the lock software. Read more here:

Why this happens:

When setting up your Key cutter integration in Mews, you will also need to map each of the key encoders that will be used. This concept is similar to mapping the spaces and rates in your Channel Manager Integration in Mews. In the case of key encoders, the Identifier is taken from what has been set up in your door lock software.

When a user tries to create a key from the reservation module in Mews, he or she will select the specific encoder device to use. The corresponding encoder identifier is then sent to your door lock software as part of the key creation message from Mews (via Mews Open API). This is how the door lock software knows which encoder it should instruct to encode the key cards.

Your door lock software may throw this error if it does not find the particular encoder in its system.

How to resolve:

Check that the encoder Identifier or Name in your door lock software matches the value (e.g. 01) you have entered in the Identifier field in your encoders under Key cutter integration > Key cutters.

Keep in mind that each door lock software may have slightly different names for referring to the encoders in their respective applications. When in doubt, you can refer to the Key cutter integration set up guide in our Help Centre to find out which field you need to take the data from in your door lock software.

Sometimes, the error can be caused by a typo. If possible, try to copy and paste the exact content from your door lock software into Mews.

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