The response message:

Someone else is currently creating a key for this door, please wait a few seconds and try again. Read why this happens here:

Why this happens:

Some door lock softwares do not allow a key to be created for a particular room or door if this room or door is opened in the window of your door lock software application. When a user tries to create a key from Mews and the room happens to be opened for viewing on your door lock softwares, the lock system will throw this error.

It could also be bad timing if there is another user who happens to be creating a key for the same room or door at the same time, either directly in the lock software or from Mews.

How to resolve:

Check if the room or door is opened on any of your door lock management applications and close them before trying again.

Check if another colleague or user at the property is trying to create a key for the same space – either in the door lock software or via Mews – and try again.

If you keep seeing the same error in Device Commands Queue in the same day, for different spaces and reservations, then you may be running duplicate Mews Open API applications at your property.

Read more about duplicate Mews Open APIs and how to resolve them

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