The response message:

Someone else is currently using the encoder that you are trying to create a key with. Please wait until they finish and try again. Sometimes you might get this error if you are logged into the key software. Read more here:

Why this happens:

Your lock software will throw this error when it detects that there are two key creation commands being issued for the same encoder device at the same time.

This usually happens when another user is trying to create keys – either directly in the lock software or in Mews – at the same time as another user.

This can also happen if the user (which is entered into the Username and Password field in your Key cutter integration) happens to also be logged in on the lock software application where you might be trying to create a key.

If you are using Vision, it is because the VingCard workstation / unit that was asked to carry out the key creation command has a user logged in.

How to resolve:

If you are using Vision, log out on the workstation/unit that you have selected to encode the key.

Check if another colleague or user at the property is trying to create a key on the same encoder – either in the door lock software or via Mews – and try again.

Alternatively, if your door lock software requires a Username and Password in Mews (double check against the relevant key cutter set up guide), try to log out of the lock software and/or log in with a different set of Username and Password.

If, after trying both of the above, and you still continue to see the same errors repeating in Device Commands Queue in the same day, for different spaces, reservations, and encoders, then you may be running duplicate Mews Open API applications at your property.

Read more about duplicate Mews Open APIs and how to resolve them.

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