The response message:

The credentials you have entered into the key cutter settings to authenticate Mews to the lock software is invalid. Please enter the correct login details and try again. You can read more about this here:

Why this happens:

For some door lock software, you will need to have entered a Username and Password when setting up the Key cutter integration in Mews. This is needed in order to authenticate Mews to the lock software. If the credentials entered are incorrect, the lock software will not allow the key creation process to continue.

How to resolve:

Check that the Username and Password entered into your Key cutter integration is correctly entered as per the key cutter set up guide instructions.

In some cases, the error can be caused by incorrect key encoder details. If you can confirm that the username and password are correctly filled in, we recommend double checking that all the fields for Key cutters are filled in correctly according to the help guide instructions.

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