You can create a breakfast report by going into the Guest in house report.

Select the dates, Status, and Products you want to see click Ok to view it.

Guests in House report gives a list of all customers ( as well as their Room numbers) that have breakfasts as stay products that day. Breakfasts added as additional service products (from the billing) are not included.

If you want only amounts of breakfast per day and you don't need reservation details (report for kitchen prep), you can head to the Product report on the Dashboard

Select the Dates and the Products you would like to appear in the report.

Either view, print, or export it directly.

How to read the report?
Each product has 2 columns: count and customers. The count is the amount of breakfast that day when customers are the total amount of guests that day.

More about the Product report you can read in this article:

Note: Create an Export schedule to avoid pulling this report manually every day!

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