Mews is automatically sending emails to your guests but you wish to know if those emails actually reached them?

In Mews, you can see all the statutes of the emails that the system sends to your guests. It can be useful when you need to make sure the email had been sent and the guest received it.

In order to see the Mail queue keep in mind, you need to have admin privileges first. Then just navigate to the Menu > Queues > Mail. Once you fill in the required information in the filter section on the right side press OK.

See the following Statuses below

Success – means that the email was successfully sent to the guest.

Dropped – means that we could not deliver the email to the recipient's email server. Possible reasons could be that the recipient's email address is invalid, the recipient has unsubscribed already from an email in the past and the email was bounced when the email was being delivered.

Bounced – the receiving email server has refused delivery of the message and returned to the original sender. A bounced email means that your message has not been delivered.

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