Checking if there are multiple instances of Mews Connector running.

  1. Locate your Taskbar. (usually at the bottom of the screen)
  2. Check if you can see multiple instances of Mews Connector.

Open up and close all instances of Mews Connector

  1. Press on the Mews Connector icon. (this will open up Mews Connector).
  2. Once open, click on the cogwheel at the top right of the application.
  3. Click on "Close".

4. Do this for each instance of Mews Connector.

5. Once all instances are closed, click on the Mews Connector application and try printing the file again or follow steps below (Delete old versions of Mews Connector)

Delete old versions of Mews Connector

  1. Navigate to the following location in your File Explorer - C:\ProgramData\Mews\Mews Connector (You can paste this into your file explorer search bar, or click on the "View" tab and enable hidden items)
  2. Locate and delete old versions of Mews Connector. (Leave just the highest version) or delete all versions of Mews Connector and follow the guide here on how to install the latest version and set up Mews Connector.

3. Once this is complete, click on the Mews Connector application and try printing again (if there are still any issues, close Mews Connector again, restart your computer and try printing again).

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