If your property underwent some physical changes and you need to reflect them in the system and change the configuration of Spaces and Space categories then this article may be of help.

Resources: Create, modify or delete a Space

Create or delete a Space category

Note: As stated in your contract, if you add or remove Spaces, your Mews invoice will be recalculated as it is based on the number of Spaces in your property.

At the moment, you cannot delete or add a Space Category if it has Spaces attached.

You need to unmap and delete all Spaces from the Space Category

If you wish to keep past reporting

You cannot add or amend Spaces and Space category if you wish to keep your past reporting as it is.

You will need to create a new category and spaces to create new reporting.

Map them to your Distributor booking engine as well as to your Channel manager

Unmap the old category from Distributor as well as from your Channel manager.

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