How to block a specific space

To block availability for a specific space, you can create a house use or out of order block.

House use

House use block can be created via Timeline in the right top corner.

It will redirect you to the settings page where you can assign the space, determine the time frame, and add notes. Note that house use does not deduct availability from ADR and occupancy reporting. The main usage of this feature is to reflect internal stays.

Out of order (OOO) block

To create an OOO block, navigate to the timeline or the space status report.

On the Timeline, click on the specific space category and add the block via the page you will be redirected to.

The next page allows you to select an interval and to add notes as well.

The Space status report can be accessed via the dashboard.

There, the specific space needs to be selected which will redirect to the space module as well.

OOO blocks deduct from the overall occupancy and affect revenue calculations.

This option is recommended to block a space.

More information on house use and OOO blocks can be found here:

How to block an entire space category

Closed to stay restriction for a space category can be set up for this purpose. Restrictions can accessed via Menu > Settings > Services > Stay > Restrictions.

On the restriction creation page, you're able to select various inputs including space category. Omitting Start and End date will have this restriction applied always. Omitting all conditions will have your entire property blocked from creating reservations. Note that restrictions with overlapping intervals impact how Mews sends restrictions to the channel manager and should be avoided.

More information on restrictions can be found here:

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