Each integration partner is building the connection to Mews by consuming our API.

In this partnership Mews is only the receiving end. We give partners the possibility to send over the information, but it’s up to the partner to choose what information they would like to send and how. The format of the information is defined by our API specifications; which the partner is aware of and is using to send info to Mews.

Therefore, each partner goes through a certification process before becoming publicly available to our customers. This way Mews can ensure that information Is being transferred correctly and that connection is working (established, enabled). However, Mews doesn’t have access to the extranet of the integration partner and doesn’t have control over the information that’s being sent from the integration partner.

When you have a problem with the Point of Sale system we recommend you contact the partner first and request logs from the partner if needed.

Why would you need to contact the partner first?

  • As mentioned above Mews doesn't have control over the information that is being sent from the partner. We also don’t have access to their extranet. We will not be able to compare it to the information on the extranet.

  • In case there is a problem with the API call (request) that partner initiates in order to send information to Mews, you will still require the partner’s support to fix it.

  • Before finishing the certification process, we inform partners of Mews possibilities and workflows. They might resolve issues faster on their end without you having to contact Mews.

  • They might give you more accurate information on what and how has been sent to Mews. As well as help you with the setup and mapping on their side.

In Mews you can check integration partner’s support email by going to the Main menu > Marketplace > My subscriptions > clicking on “Settings” button of the relevant integration and checking “Support email” there.

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