Closing completely Availability in your property is not ideal, we know 😥, but sometimes you will have no option than doing this, so we are here to help.

Depending on how you would like to continue with the daily operations in your property, you might find one of the options better than the rest, so pick what fits better for your situation!

Use Restrictions to not allow any reservation at all to be created in your property

This means that you will not be able to create any reservation, not even through Commander!

Navigate to Menu > Settings > Services > Stay > Restrictions.

Create a new restriction by clicking on the + button on the top right of the screen, and in the restriction details you can select the period, rooms, rates... etc, that you would like your property to be closed for.

Expert trick: If you create a restriction and do not select any room, rate or anything else, you will close COMPLETELY the availability in your property until you delete that restriction. If you want to twitch the restriction from there it can become easier.

Only want a certain period? Select the End Date you want the closure of the availability to finish.

Only want the availability to be closed for your Channel Manager?

If you are using special rates only for your Channel Manager, you can make the restriction only for them so that you continue selling offline or on your website.

Another option would be to disable the updates of restrictions sent to your Channel Manager and setup the restriction directly there. See how you can do that below.

Use Availability Adjustments to close availability in Distributor, Channel Managers and, (partially) in Commander.

You can adjust the availability of individual room categories manually from the Availability Report, reducing all the available spaces to 0. Like this no availability will be sent for either Distributor or the Channel Manager.

If you would like to continue creating reservations from Commander, make sure that you add the privilege Overbook Services to your employees.

Expert Trick: To ease the work, you can select the first day of the category and input a large number to reduce (let's say -99), but it has to be bigger than your total availability to be sure that everything will be closed). Then select the end date to the last day that you would like to close your availability. Your real availability will continue appearing as a small blue number in the availability report. Be careful to not overbook your property unless you want to!

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