If you have a restriction in place for length of stay that covers multiple nights, but you would like to open up sales for a shorter number of nights, you will need to amend existing restrictions and add additional ones where necessary.

Let's take the below example where your BBB rate has a Closed to stay restriction over the weekend, unless it has been booked for 2+ nights:

Restrictions calendar view

You would now like to open up the rate to be sold for just a single night on Sunday.

Click on the restriction and then on edit to make the amendments:

In this case, you will just be removing Sunday from the affected list of days and saving the restriction without any other changes:

Next, create a new restriction just for Sunday with the Maximum Length of 1 to ensure that the space may be booked for just a single night and no more.

Be sure to use the same conditions as the previously existing restriction.

The final result will show you varying restrictions over the weekend:

For more information about restrictions please check the guide below.

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