This article follows Mews Connector application for Windows.

Where to see immediate/real-time logs?

Click on the "gear" icon in the Mews Connector application and you will be able to see a running log that updates with new logs in real-time as the device commands come in and are processed

Timestamp - displayed in local time (the timezone defined on the computer)

Ping - see below (What do the logs mean?)

Where to find all the previous Mews Connector logs?

Step 1 - Search for Mews Connector on your computer, click on "Open file location"

Step 2 - You'll see the shortcut, right-click on it and click again on "Open file location"

Step 3 - Go into the folder with the relevant version name > Logs > App

HINT: you can usually find it at this folder path:

C:\ProgramData\Mews\Mews Connector\\Logs\App

inside the Mews Connector folder
  • trace.log contains the most recent logs (e.g. from today)

  • go into the latest version folder and right-click to open any log with Notepad or some other plain text editor

What do the logs mean?

‌The [stuff] in the square brackets

No, it's not a bug. These labels indicate the level of severity of the log item in the logs. For reference, check out this Stack Overflow question that provides a general explanation.

What's the "Ping" for?

‌The Mews Connector app pings the Mews server every 5 minutes to monitor the connection and resync device commands if the connection was dropped (because the computer was shut down or manual closing of the application - both causing the Mews Connector app to go offline).

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