How the information flows, broken down play-by-play:

  • A guest walks into your property, and approaches the Mews Kiosk.

  • He/she goes through the check-in process, and gets to the "create key" stage.

  • The kiosk communicates this information to Mews Server.

  • Mews Server communicates the key creation command to Mews Open API with the relevant information.

  • Mews Open API sends the key creation command to your lock software using a format that the lock software accepts (the door lock protocol).

  • The door lock software processes it and instructs the encoder to get ready for encoding a key.

  • The guest places a card on the machine.

  • The encoder detects the card and encodes the card for the guest.

  • The guest takes the card and goes to his/or room.

Devices you will need:

  • You will need an encoder which your guests will use to encode their key cards. This is usually connected to a computer by a cable (can be USB or ethernet). You can connect the encoder to a computer that is hidden behind the kiosk.

Integrations you will need:

  • Set up the key cutter integration as usual - refer to the relevant key cutter set up help guide

  • Make sure you have selected the encoder in your Mews Open API integration

Kiosk configurations for your key encoder:

  • Make sure you have selected the encoder you will use in your Kiosk integration under Marketplace > My subscriptions > Mews Kiosk > settings

  • Make sure you have also selected the encoder in your Kiosks under your Stay settings

HINT: When setting up your kiosk for the first time, Mews recommends testing the check-in and key creation flow with a fake reservation, just to be sure everything works as intended.

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