The Mews Open API application communicates with your door lock software using a protocol that your lock software accepts. The protocol is like a language, it defines the format in which the Mews Open API application should send the key creation message to the lock software.

Read about how key cutter integrations work.

What protocol does my door lock/key cutter software use?

Mews works with FIAS, Industry Standard Protocol, Assa Abloy's Web API (for Visionline), Vision's own protocol, and Hotek.

In the key cutter set up guide related to your lock software, you will find a section that prescribes what script to enter in the Data JSON field of your key cutter configurations in Mews. This will tell you which protocol is used.

Example - Dormakaba softwares use the FIAS Protocol

What information is communicated from Mews Open API to the lock software for key encoding?


  • key type, encoder ID, first name, last name, user group, user type, room number, card count, arrival (yyyyMMddhhmm), departure (same date-time format)


  • card count (how many cards to be made), reservation number, key encoder ID, key type (e.g. new or duplicate), room number, key encoder ID (again), departure date, departure time (HH:mm), arrival date, arrival time (HH:mm), time now, guest name (first & last)

Hotek - physical keys

  • destinationAddress (the encoder), sourceAddress, key type, room number, guest name, arrival, departure, card count, common door, guest ID, extra sector

Hotek - mobile keys

  • sourceAddress, key type, room number, guest name, guest email, arrival (yyyyMMddHHmm), departure, card count, common door,

IndustryStandardProtocol - physical keys

  • key type, arrival (HHddMMyy), departure, encoder address, room number, card count

(!) It is important to note that for key cutters using the IndustryStandardProtocol, because the time format in this protocol does not include minutes, time is only counted by the hour. For example, if the reservation departure time is 11:30am, Salto will receive 11:00.

IndustryStandardProtocol - mobile keys

  • key type, telephone number, room number, arrival, departure


  • door id, encoder id, expiration date

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