The response message:

Mews Open API was not able to connect to the lock software server application. Most likely the IP address and/or port number entered in your Key cutter integration settings is invalid or the lock software server application is not running.

Why this happens:

Consider that the API URL and port number represent the destination where the Mews Open API application sends the key creation command to your door lock software server application for processing.

When this error appears in your device commands queue, it means that Mews tried to send out the key creation command but did not receive a response from your lock software. It could be that the IP address and/or port number was incorrect or recently changed, or that you lock software server application was not online and therefore not responding to Mews Open API.

How to resolve:

First check if the IP Address and Port Number in your Key cutter integration settings have been filled in correctly according to the Mews set up guide for your key cutter.

If you have made no recent changes to the IP Address and/or Port Number, then check that your door lock software is up and running.


  • Mews Open API communicates with the VTCLink software, by default, the port number used is 3015.


  • Mews Open API communicates with VisiOnline web service using the Assa Abloy Web API. Make sure that the web service application is up and running.


  • Mews Open API communicates with the Hotek PMS Server application called the Interface System (server). Try to restart this server application.

Fias key cutters

(Hafele Dialock, Messerschmitt, TLJ, VDA, Dormakaba Saflok/Ambiance)

  • Make sure that the port number entered in all three places are matching (Key cutter integration, Mews Open API application, and your lock software)
  • In your Mews Open API application, make sure that you have ticked “Enabled” under “Fias settings”
  • In your Mews Open API application, you should only select “Client mode” if you are using the Dormakaba lock software
  • Once you have verified that all fields have been completed correctly, restart your lock software server application.


If your lock software and your Mews Open API application are both installed on the same computer (recommended set up), then the IP Address should remain

On the other hand, if the two softwares are installed on separate computer, verify that your IP address of the computer which has your lock software has not changed. This should be the IP Address filled in your Key cutter integration.

Follow the video below for more information:

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