The response message:

The lock software server application has not established connection with the Mews Connector application. Make sure your lock server application is online. Read more here:

Why this happens:

In an integration between Mews and a door lock software using the FIAS protocol, Mews typically expects the door lock software to initiate contact with the Mews Connector application. This generally applies to Hafele Dialock, Messerschmitt, TLJ, and VDA.

This initial contact at start up is required in order for the two systems to establish and maintain a connection for exchange of all future key creation commands from Mews and processing of the responses from your lock software.

The Mews Connector application returns this error message when it does not detect the necessary message from your lock software to initiate the connection on the port number specified in the Mews Connector application.

How to resolve:

  • Make sure that both the Mews Connector application and your lock software server application are installed on the same computer
  • Verify that the port number entered in all three places are matching: Key cutter integration, Mews Connector application, and in your lock software settings
  • In your Mews Connector application, make sure that you have ticked “Enabled” under “Fias settings”
  • In your Mews Connector application, you should only select “Client mode” if you are using the Dormakaba lock software
  • Once you have verified that all fields have been completed correctly, restart your lock software server application
  • Sometimes it also helps to restart the computer.

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